Farewell, Denver!


Dear friends, old and new:

We have decided to pull up stakes and make the move back to Austin, Texas. It was a very difficult decision to make and the past three years back in Denver have been amazing, but opportunity and warmer winter weather are calling!

To the Denver contemporary art community and supporters, we’re so honored and humbled that you chose to support us and spend your valuable time doing that.

I would personally like to thank many people for helping to get this dream of our scrappy little gallery off of the ground. I grew up a block away from where I started this gallery in the west side of Denver and this is all extremely bittersweet for me.

Peralta Projects will return with another home in Texas very soon and we hope that our Denver artist friends will visit and maybe even show with us in Austin.

Much love and thanks, in no particular order, to:

Rodney Duran
Chris Duran
Sara Sabala
Gil Sabala
Alejandra Peralta
Jonny Brasko
Raquel Peralta Santillan
Adan Santillan
Juanita Peralta
Manny Madrid
Victoria Peralta
Aaron Leff
Michelle Trujillo
Rafael Trujillo
Sommer Browning
Susan Froyd
Theresa Anderson
Christie Blizard
Amber Cobb
Hector Hernandez
Colectivo Los Ingrávidos
Cruz Ortiz
Olivia Ortiz
Kristy Perez
Roy Smith
Adrienne Garbini
Alex DeCarli
Dustin Young
Louis Pino
Cortney Stell
Kyle Harris
The Colorado General Assembly’s Legislative Council Staff
Jake and Tiffany Lamm
Ben Gettinger
All the regulars at Lincoln Park Lounge
The Denver contemporary art community
The La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood
The City of Denver
The Great State of Colorado


Esteban Peralta